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GBR Engage focuses on empowering the next generation of leaders from across the globe by organising a range of events that give individuals the opportunity to learn from experts in the field and inspire them to grow. We aim to reach individuals from regions with limited access to information about the biotech industry and inspire them to make well-informed decisions about their career. A career in biotech is not limited to academia or research and we are determined to show you how you can incorporate a passion for biotech with a career that works for you!


Our current project is the brand new Virtual Academy ‘The Flavours of Scientific Leadership’, which aims to develop and inspire the next generation of biotech leaders. The program is rich with advice on how to advance and navigate early careers in the Life Science sector. It is mostly aimed at university students and young researchers, but anyone interested in the discussed topics is welcome to participate. The academy’s events will span from March to November 2023 in the format of panel discussions, keynote webinars and workshops. The range of topics will cover ‘Career roles beyond the bench’, ‘Transitioning from academia to industry’, ‘How to become a science manager’. Participants will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the academy.

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