Science Globalization: A U.S. Perspective

I look upon ourselves as partners in all of this, and that each of us contributes and does what he can do best. And so I see not a top rung and a bottom rung - I see all this horizontally - and I see this as part of a matrix. And I see every human being as having a purpose, a destiny, if you like - the destiny that exists in each of us - and find ways and means to provide such opportunities for everyone. ― Jonas Salk GapSummit 2017 brings together…Read more

USA Election 2016: What it Means for Science & Innovation

Hillary Rodham Clinton is in the final stage of her bid for the presidency of the United States of America. As the Democratic candidate, she is continuing the mission of promoting science education, research, and innovation that has been a hallmark of the Obama administration. On her website, you can see a host of issues and policy related to science and healthcare including but not limited to: a mission to cure Alzheimer’s by 2025, investing $2 billion per year for dementia related disorders; a focus on renewable energy with half a billion solar…Read more