Synthetic Biology Continues to Grow in the U.S., Raising More than $0.5B in 2015

In the past year, industrial applications for synthetic biology have simply exploded. Just in 2015, SynBio companies in the United States have raised more than half a billion dollars to advance fields as diverse as personalized medicine and next-generation textiles. The dramatic increase in synbio investment is primarily concentrated in two transcostal hubs: the greater San Francisco and Boston areas. Companies in San Francisco have benefitted from a very supportive startup culture, taking advantage of infrastructure laid down from years of Silicon Valley endeavours. The startup process has been streamlined in the area…Read more

GapSummit 2014 archive back online

GapSummit 2014 was the world’s first inter-generational leadership summit in biotechnology. It was held from the 31st March to 2nd April 2014 at the University of Cambridge, UK and became a huge success. The full program, speaker and attendee interviews as well as extensive footage are available online for review again. On Facebook, over 450 people started following updates from GBR after the summit. And on YouTube, the content from the GapSummit counts over 2,000 views within the first two months after the videos were released. In conclusion, Global Biotech Revolution is proud that…Read more

What are the key factors to let Synthetic Biotechnology flourish in the UK?

The excitement in the synthetic biology community in the UK is palpable. It’s apparent in the buzz at SynBio meetings and conferences, but also evident by the sector’s rapid growth in the UK in the last five years. Thanks to the UK government’s pro-active mindset towards the industry - having identified SynBio as one of its seven key enabling technologies, it is perhaps the only country to have a coordinated and cohesive SynBio plan in place (in the form of the Synthetic Biology Roadmap). SynBio companies that set up shop in the UK…Read more

GapSummit review by a Leader of Today

The GapSummit 2014 was one of the most intense, exhilarating, and intellectually stimulating experiences that I have ever had.  Rarely would it be possible to reproduce such an event to the same quality, speaker calibre and professionality.  100 Leaders of Tomorrow were carefully selected from applicants across the globe to attend this conference.  Having considerable experience in attending professionally organized meetings of various national industry biotech and pharmaceutical associations, I can vouch for the fact that gathering so many Nobel prize winners, Senior Specialists, and industry know-how in one place at one time…Read more

GapSummit review by a Leader of Tomorrow

I thank the organisers of the GapSummit for planning and hosting this ‘one-of-a-kind’ summit. It was indeed a privilege to have been selected as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow from around the world to participate in the GapSummit. I have enjoyed every aspect of the summit, especially, the unique opportunity to interact and learn from current global leaders and experts in the field of biotechnology. The keynote speeches provided deep insight into the current global state of biotechnology, and highlighted many gaps that exist in the field of biotechnology today. There…Read more