Future Challenges in Medicine

Medicine, anciently known as ‘the art to provide healing’, and understood today as the ‘science’ to provide healing, has a big problem from its core etymology and definition. Medicine assumes disease or illness is already present in patients. Thus, patients attend doctor’s consultations for prescriptions, to the doctor’s best of knowledge, alleviates the ailment. Why does medicine focus on illness waiting to the treated? Advances in information technologies today, allow us to understand illness at levels which where not available last decade, and that continue to generate data and knowledge at unprecedented levels.…Read more

GapSummit review by a Leader of Tomorrow

I thank the organisers of the GapSummit for planning and hosting this ‘one-of-a-kind’ summit. It was indeed a privilege to have been selected as one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow from around the world to participate in the GapSummit. I have enjoyed every aspect of the summit, especially, the unique opportunity to interact and learn from current global leaders and experts in the field of biotechnology. The keynote speeches provided deep insight into the current global state of biotechnology, and highlighted many gaps that exist in the field of biotechnology today. There…Read more