Open Call to join the GapSummit executive leadership team and planning subcommittees

The Global GapSummit 2017 will be hosted in Washington D.C. in April and we are recruiting highly motivated students and postdocs in the USA and across the globe to join the executive leadership team and planning subcommittees. The position requires immediate availability and commitment in order to spearhead this effort. Ideal candidates will be ambitious leaders, with excellent organizational skills, and motivation. Open positions are: GapSummit 2017 Chief Financial Officer GapSummit 2017 Marketing Director GapSummit 2017 Case Competition Director Further vacancies are open for the following subcommittees: Marketing/Media Case Competition Speaker/Advisory Board Liaison Finance/Fundraising. Webmaster Graphic…Read more

What is essential for an successful biotech hub?

  One of the most imperative components of a successful Biotech Hub is a robust pipeline between academic institutions and industry to exchange and share knowledge, resources, and talent. The Mid-Atlantic Region of the US has some of the most valuable intellectual assets in the country that include the National Institutes of Health, a concentration of prestigious universities and emerging biotechs with great potential. However, the local bio-ecosystem lacks a mechanismto facilitate communication, collaboration and creation. One of the main goals of the “Leaders of Tomorrow Summit” is to strengthen the collaboration between…Read more