What is essential for an successful biotech hub?

  One of the most imperative components of a successful Biotech Hub is a robust pipeline between academic institutions and industry to exchange and share knowledge, resources, and talent. The Mid-Atlantic Region of the US has some of the most valuable intellectual assets in the country that include the National Institutes of Health, a concentration of prestigious universities and emerging biotechs with great potential. However, the local bio-ecosystem lacks a mechanismto facilitate communication, collaboration and creation. One of the main goals of the “Leaders of Tomorrow Summit” is to strengthen the collaboration between…Read more

The Leadership Gap

Young, brilliant scientists, highly trained, curious minds, in positions that allow them to experiment and research - is that going to be enough for success in the future?  Probably not as even those with the most highly developed, leading edge skills and knowledge are unlikely to make the difference that is required without the appropriate leadership behaviours.  Making that difference is not just about discovering scientific breakthroughs but is also about challenging the status quo of the establishments and fostering a new way of working. When new in role and junior in the…Read more