The Commercial Education Gap

As a small, advancing economy, New Zealand has made its mark as a leading region for science and research intellect and labour. Universities and crown research institutes (CRIs) are above the OECD average for scientific publications. This is a reflection of the core responsibility and business of the academic and research environment to publish rather than commercialise. The consequence of the science community not viewing themselves as entrepreneurial bodies is the poor translation of the great science into commercial success. The result is a bottleneck of early stage research that lacking the strategic…Read more

The implementation gap

The implementation gap In 2012, the biotech industries of the US, Europe, Canada and Australia realized an 8% increase in revenue from 2011 with US$89.8 billion. At the same time, the R&D spending growth rate of 9% in 2011 was slowed down to 5% a year later, which still resulted in a record high in net income of US$5.2 billion. However, the total funding has decreased in North America and Europe to US$28.2 billion in 2012. Hence, one can expect strong performances from major biotech players, whereas small- to mid-size companies stand in…Read more