Youth Biotech GapSummit Vlogs

Youth Biotech are a group of Biotechnology Engineering students with an interest in bioregulation policy-making, and science communication, which emerged out of Youth-PRRI delegation that attended the Convention on Biological Diversity Conferences 2016. Youth Biotech had strong representation at GapSummit 2017 and captured their experience in a great series of video logs over the four days of the GapSummit, as well as their day 5 exploring Washington DC. See day 1 above, and the rest of their vlogs below.Read more

McKinsey Blog: Inspiring leadership in young scientists

McKinsey & Company has been an essential Partner at each of our GapSummits, and Dr Matthias Evers, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Hamburg, has been a keen supporter of GBR. Dr Evers was a keynote speaker for GapSummit 2017, where he spoke on the need for teamwork and leadership skills in a life science career. Read about the recurrent People Gap that Dr Evers has seen in the scientific field and why it needs to be overcome below: Matthias Evers, a molecular biochemist and McKinsey senior partner, stands in front of 100 young…Read more

Latin American LoTs’ GapSummit Experience

Daniela Valenzuela and Amanda Céspedes were two of our GapSummit 2017 Leaders of Tomorrow, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. For our Spanish-speaking community, read about their experience below and through the link: Las alumnas de Ingeniería UC, Amanda Céspedes y Daniela Valenzuela, fueron escogidas dentro de un selecto grupo de estudiantes y jóvenes profesionales para participar del Gapsummit de Global Biotech Revolution, que este 2017 se realizó en Estados Unidos, específicamente en la Universidad de Georgetown en Washington. Gapsummit de Global Biotech Revolution es una cumbre internacional e intergeneracional de liderazgo…Read more

GapSummit 2017 – A Great Success – Recap of Days 1&2

GapSummit 2017 was a great success. 100 young, aspiring biotech Leaders of Tomorrow converged on Georgetown University in Washington D.C. from the 6th to the 10th June, to meet each other and current biotech luminaries. The first two days explored current and future challenges related to patient-focused Pharmaceutical Research & Innovation, and Life Science Education. The opening Keynote by Dr John Reed, Head of Pharma Research & Early Development at Roche, emphasized the importance of strategic collaboration and innovation coupled with diverse sources of biology. His speech about "Harnessing the Power of Biology…Read more

The Essence of Problem Solving

Dr Andreas Laustsen was a GapSummit 2016 Leader of Tomorrow. He was kind enough to provide a mini masterclass on generating novel entrepreneurial ideas to this year's cohort of Leaders of Tomorrow, and we thought the lessons he had to share could also help the wider GBR community as we head into GapSummit 2017. Andreas is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technical University of Denmark. He has founded two biotech startups: Biosyntia, which uses synthetic biology and engineering to create biocatalysts for sustainable manufacturing and VenomAb, a startup that's developing replacements for…Read more

Meet Wen Chiy – A GapSummit 2017 Leader of Tomorrow

In the last of our introductions to this year's cohort of Leaders of Tomorrow, we're pleased to meet Wen Chiy Liew. Wen Chiy is a fourth year PhD student at the National University of Singapore. Wen Chiy describes the value of going beyond just education in the path to a career in biotech and her experience at the Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow Forum late last year creating an app to help students like herself in finding mentors from their desired profession. We're looking forward to seeing Wen Chiy at GapSummit 2017, where she'll…Read more

Meet Oliver – A GapSummit 2017 Leader of Tomorrow

We're less than a month away from GapSummit 2017. In the third and penultimate of our introductions to GapSummit 2017 Leaders of Tomorrow, we're pleased to meet Oliver Degerstedt as he takes us on, in his own words, a "whistle-stop tour" of his hometown of Luxembourg. Hear Oliver talk about his journey into biotech beginning in his high school enthusiasm for chemistry, through his Masters research efforts contributing to the development of Tagrisso for AstraZeneca, which takes a personalised medicine approach to cancer drugs, and now continuing to grow his skills and knowledge…Read more

Meet Eliel – A GapSummit 2017 Leader of Tomorrow

In the second of our series profiling a few of the young Leaders of Tomorrow in biotechnology selected for GapSummit 2017, we're pleased to introduce you to Eliel Villegas. Eliel is currently in the 4th semester of his biotechnology engineering degree at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Guadalajara, Mexico. Eliel is passionate about the role of public communication and policy making in the advancement of biotechnology, having taken part as a student delegate for Public Research and Regulation Initiative at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. Find…Read more

Meet Amna – A GapSummit 2017 Leader of Tomorrow

We're less than two months away from GapSummit 2017, and in the lead-up to the big event, we'll be profiling some of our 100 Leaders of Tomorrow who will be in Washington DC in June. We're pleased to introduce Amna Hamza one of our bright, young Leaders of Tomorrow. Amna is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Gothenburg, with a background in law from the University of London and having worked as an attorney for the Foundation for Fundamental Rights in Pakistan. She is also the co-founder and…Read more

Open Call to join the GapSummit executive leadership team and planning subcommittees

The Global GapSummit 2017 will be hosted in Washington D.C. in April and we are recruiting highly motivated students and postdocs in the USA and across the globe to join the executive leadership team and planning subcommittees. The position requires immediate availability and commitment in order to spearhead this effort. Ideal candidates will be ambitious leaders, with excellent organizational skills, and motivation. Open positions are: GapSummit 2017 Chief Financial Officer GapSummit 2017 Marketing Director GapSummit 2017 Case Competition Director Further vacancies are open for the following subcommittees: Marketing/Media Case Competition Speaker/Advisory Board Liaison Finance/Fundraising. Webmaster Graphic…Read more