The Commercial Education Gap

As a small, advancing economy, New Zealand has made its mark as a leading region for science and research intellect and labour. Universities and crown research institutes (CRIs) are above the OECD average for scientific publications. This is a reflection of the core responsibility and business of the academic and research environment to publish rather than commercialise. The consequence of the science community not viewing themselves as entrepreneurial bodies is the poor translation of the great science into commercial success. The result is a bottleneck of early stage research that lacking the strategic…Read more

Venture capital – what it is all about

  Imagine that you’re an entrepreneur, looking to raise capital for your idea that could revolutionize the healthcare paradigm in the world. Who would you call? Very often, you would think to pitch your idea to a venture capitalist (VC). Who are these people, what do they do, why and when should you speak with them? You will immediately think of the TV series Dragons’ Den (UK) or Shark Tank (US) when you think of VCs. While reality TV is sensationalized, VCs do play critical roles in helping ideas commercialize, and bringing innovations…Read more