Sneak peak for GapSummit 2016 Sunday Pitch Workshops

This special blog post is sneak peak for the GapSummit 2016's Pitch Workshop on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Aiming to be "Pitch Perfect" CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who have made the last leg – as finalists – of this wonderful GAP SUMMIT. You have done wonderfully well. And others who made the journey but didn’t quite get to the final stage – WELL DONE ALL. It is not primarily about winning or losing – ALL have achieved a great deal. But there are a few who have been judged special enough to meet the…Read more

Global Biotech Revolution C.I.C. announces our partnership with One Nucleus

Global Biotech Revolution C.I.C. (GBR) is pleased to announce our partnership with One Nucleus to co-promote each organisation’s upcoming events for the benefit of the UK’s biotechnology sector. One Nucleus is a membership organisation for international life science and healthcare companies. Based in Cambridge and London UK, the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster; One Nucleus’s mission is to maximise the global competitiveness of their members. “We are very happy to partner with a leading industry organisation such as One Nucleus” said Ipshita Mandal, President of GBR. “We want to provide young bio-leaders…Read more

Medical Innovation’s Elephant in the Room

Medical innovation is great! Big pharma keeps breaking boundaries by discovering new drugs. However, we have a giant elephant in the room; we do not make best use of what we have already, we keep getting distracted by shiny new innovations. A study conducted in 2012 in the heart of Birmingham with 7,000 patients, 70% of whom were of ethnic origin, found their medication adherence to be between 50-70%. These patients were not being treated for trivial diseases, they were suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and under-active thyroid. Just for some perspective, The…Read more