Leaders of Tomorrow find success in science and business

Kirill Gorshkov is an IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow at the US National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences and currently vice president of the US GapSummit organising team, having previously held the same role in organising our first regional event, the US Leaders of Tomorrow Forum 2015. Alongside colleagues at Johns Hopkins and the University of San Diego, California, Kirill was the lead author in the publication of “AKAP-mediated feedback control of cAMP gradients in developing hippocampal neurons” in Nature Chemical Biology. The study used molecular techniques to investigate the role of cyclic AMP (cAMP),…Read more

Catching Up with Leader of Tomorrow 2014: Emilia Díaz

Emilia is the founder and CEO of Kaitek Labs a biotech company based in Santiago, Chile that's creating assays and environmental biosensors based on "bacterial computers." She is also a regional blogger for Trade Secrets: a blog from Nature Biotechnology. Emilia was a Leader of Tomorrow at the inaugural GapSummit, and we asked her to catch us up on her experience since, how things have been progressing with Kaitek Labs, and how she's continuing to embody the GBR ethos. It’s odd to stop and think it’s been over two years since I attended GapSummit.…Read more

Catching Up with GapSummit 2014 Speaker Liaison: Rebekah Scheuerle

Rebekah Scheuerle was part of the GapSummit 2014 team serving as the Speaker Liaison. A Gates Cambridge Scholar, at the time she had only recently begun her PhD at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Concurrently, she was a Board member of US-headquartered non-profit JustMilk, which aims to address the tragic rates of infant mortality around the world that could be easily prevented by better ways of administering drugs and nutrients in lower income countries. Now nearing the tail-end of her doctoral studies, Rebekah continues to lead…Read more

Catching Up with Leader of Tomorrow 2014: Evelyn Linardy

With GapSummit 2016 just over the horizon, the GBR Team thought it would be great to reflect and catch up with some of our alumni from the inaugural GapSummit, and we're planning to make this a regular feature going forward. Dr Evelyn Linardy attended GapSummit 2014 as a Leader of Tomorrow. At the time she was conducting her doctoral research, profiled in the video above, into portable DNA detection. The project was performed at the University of New South Wales, Australia in conjunction with a biotech start-up SpeeDx, and has potential applications that…Read more