Q&A: Harriet Fear, CEO, One Nucleus

Harriet Fear, MBE is CEO of One Nucleus, the largest international membership organisation for life science and healthcare companies in Europe, based in Cambridge, UK. We had a chance to get some insights from Harriet ahead of the upcoming ON Helix Conference. Cambridge is regarded as one of the most successful entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world, and a hub of life sciences activity. What do you think are the key factors that have contributed to this success? Harriet: It is! I think there are many contributing factors to any sort of success, and…Read more

LifeImmune – Leaders of Tomorrow turn their Idea into a Business

Innovation challenges like the Voices of Tomorrow Competition can be the start of great things. This year's finalists can take some inspiration from LifeImmune: LifeImmune is a medical device company set up to disrupt the field of allergen testing. Our goal is to provide point-of-care diagnosis of antibiotic allergies from a single finger prick. To this end, we are developing an in-house whole blood immunologic assay using microfluidic technology. We are first tackling antibiotic allergies because there is an urgent unmet need for medical staff at hospitals and emergency rooms to verify these…Read more

Global Biotech Revolution C.I.C. announces our partnership with One Nucleus

Global Biotech Revolution C.I.C. (GBR) is pleased to announce our partnership with One Nucleus to co-promote each organisation’s upcoming events for the benefit of the UK’s biotechnology sector. One Nucleus is a membership organisation for international life science and healthcare companies. Based in Cambridge and London UK, the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster; One Nucleus’s mission is to maximise the global competitiveness of their members. “We are very happy to partner with a leading industry organisation such as One Nucleus” said Ipshita Mandal, President of GBR. “We want to provide young bio-leaders…Read more

The implementation gap

The implementation gap In 2012, the biotech industries of the US, Europe, Canada and Australia realized an 8% increase in revenue from 2011 with US$89.8 billion. At the same time, the R&D spending growth rate of 9% in 2011 was slowed down to 5% a year later, which still resulted in a record high in net income of US$5.2 billion. However, the total funding has decreased in North America and Europe to US$28.2 billion in 2012. Hence, one can expect strong performances from major biotech players, whereas small- to mid-size companies stand in…Read more