Nnewuihe Obinna

Medicine / Health Policy

Where are you from?


What's your background?

Medicine / Health Policy

Why did you apply to GS?

I wanted to learn! I hoped to meet new people to share my ideas with and get a feel of what's the latest trend in medicine and thankfully I got it!

Tell us about your GS highlight!

The health IT sessions were super amazing! Listening to all the possibilities with personalized medicine was mind blowing.
Technology has come to shape medicine in incredible new ways and it was good to learn first hand from the companies and people driving the change.

What are you doing now?

Just rounding off from the Unleash Innovation Lab in Denmark where I collaborated with 4 other team-mates to tackle the problem of drug stock outs in Low and Middle income countries, especially for emergency medications. We designed a Predictive IT based solution that helps hospitals without Electronic Medical Records stock up on drugs based on actual needs of the populations they serve thereby becoming proactive and preemptive rather than responsive.
Beyond that me and my team-mates are leveraging the success from the GapSummit 2017 where we were awarded best poster presentation for our solution on 3D reconstruction of Chest X-rays to aid early detection of lung cancer. We are currently networking with advisors and potential investors and actively seeking to raise funds to set up our company.