Dr Andreas Hougaard Laustsen

Postdoctoral Fellow & Head of the Tropical Pharmacology Lab, Technical University of Denmark

Where are from?

Denmark (Copenhagen)

What's your background?

M.Sc.Eng. in Advanced and Applied Chemistry + PhD Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology (+ B.Sc.Eng. in Human Life Science Engineering).

Why did you apply to GS?

I applied to GS, as I was enticed by the opportunity to meet ambitious and talented peers from around the world while being presented with and discussing current topics on biotechnology's role in society.

Tell us about your GS highlight!

My highlight at GS was definitely the coffee breaks. Here, I often found myself together with a group of scientist from all around the world that were passionately discussing an interesting topic, and who were all very sympathetic and had a drive to better society and human life.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow & Head of the Tropical Pharmacology Lab - a research group I have started at the Technical University of Denmark. On the side, I am a co-founder of the 5 biotech companies: Biosyntia, VenomAb, Antag Therapeutics, Chromologics, and Bactolife.