Ainnatul Ahmad-Termizi

Credit analyst, Agrobank

Where are u from?


What's your background?

I graduated from University of Queensland, Australia with a first-class honours degree in Biotechnology, with double majors in Plant Biotechnology and Innovation Management. While completing my Honours, the Plant Biotech idea that I proposed to clean mine wastewater won top 6 world finalist to represent Australia for G20 Global Business Challenge. Aim to empower myself about financial management before I pursue a PhD to launch my ambitious biotech company, I returned to my home country Malaysia and accepted a finance graduate scholarship program by The Central Bank of Malaysia.

Why did you apply to GS?

Being an ambitious individual is hard. Aiming to revolutionise various industries is harder. Changing the world by executing bright ideas into promising results is the hardest part. I applied to GapSummit to help make all of these hardships easier to tackle. These can be achieved by meeting and connecting with the likeminded young leaders all around the world who give me hope that being ambitious to change the world is not a lonely journey anymore and it is also a compulsory and a normal thing to do for every individual. Being part of a community of smart and talented individuals excites me and gives me adrenaline rush and it keeps me moving forward to achieve my life goals to transform the biotech industries. Plus the networking aspects in GapSummit to connect with the leaders of today not only speed up my learning process but also increase my self networth.

Tell us about your GS highlight!

Being the only person in the executive team in the first GS event in the USA who is not based in the USA and without a graduate degree, I face various challenges to be an effective team player. But GS is the right platform to go out of comfort zone where challenges are embraced with open mind and heart. Being selected as one of the LoTs makes me happy but being part of the committees who select these 100 LoTs and organise the summit makes me feel happier and energized.

What are you doing now?

I am working as a credit analyst at one of the developmental banks in Malaysia that focus on plant related businesses. My main role is to analyse and evaluate the risks of million worth of financing application from agriculture and food related businesses to ensure only quality assets are injected into the banking systems. Hopefully this important skill help me to grow my plant biotech business in the future.