The Voices of Tomorrow is a Global Bioinnovation competition. This event provides to aspiring Leaders of Tomorrow in the life sciences field the opportunity to tackle one of the foreseen challenges in the biotechnology ecosystem.


Throughout the Voices of Tomorrow, carefully selected Leaders of Tomorrow will work in teams of 3 to 5 to develop innovative and viable solutions to one of the following Gaps:

  • Innovation

  • Future of Healthcare and Precision Medicine

  • Sustainability

  • Policy Making in Pharma and Biotech

  • Accessing Global Markets

  • Road from Academia to Industry

  • Funding

In early January 2019, highly experienced mentors will be assigned to guide each team throughout the ideation process. In addition, online workshops and personal development opportunities will be available to each Leader of Tomorrow. The solutions proposed should aim at positively impacting the bioeconomy and at resolving some of the most challenging issues in biotech. For example, teams may choose to design a project which will lead to the creation of a startup, to publish a white paper on a sensitive topic or even to organize a biotech-related event. After four months of intense collaboration, the teams will submit a final proposal presented as a two-page business plan.

The seven best proposals will be selected as finalists by entrepreneurship experts. The nominated teams will then pitch their ideas to a panel of experienced judges at the Gap Summit.

Following some deliberation, the judges will acknowledge the top three proposals and the winning teams will be awarded prizes such as additional mentorship to further improve and implement their breakthrough propositions. Depending on the achievement of given milestones, initial venture funding will also be provided to the winning teams to secure their progression.

The Voices of Tomorrow should be envisioned as a springboard for young talents to meet, collaborate, unravel their inner Leader of Tomorrow and design projects which will take off thanks to mentorship provided during and after the summit.

The Voices of Tomorrow event is just the beginning. What are you waiting for?