Lisa Ide, MD, MPH

Medical Director, Zipnosis

Lisa is currently Medical Director of Zipnosis, a virtual care company in Minneapolis MN. Zipnosis has developed a white labeled asychronous platform with phone and video options which is in use in more than 20 health systems.  Lisa graduated from Dartmouth College and from the Yale School of Medicine and completed an Emergency Medicine residency at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis. She worked as an ER doctor for 9 years and then completed a second residency in Occupational Medicine and a Masters in Public Health at the University of Minnesota. For 10 years, Lisa was the Medical Director of Employee Health for Fairview Health System in Minneapolis MN prior to starting with Zipnosis in 2016.  Lisa recently presented a Zipnosis study at the American Association of Medical Colleges detailing the clinical efficiency  of the Zipnosis platform: 1.4 minute of clinician time per visit compared to 21.6 minutes in person with 95% adherence to evidence based guidelines compared to 56% for in person care. For the last 18 years, Lisa has also volunteered and worked at the Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul MN.