Kuldeep Neote, PhD

Senior Director at J&J Innovation Center-Boston

Kuldeep Neote, Ph.D., is Senior Director at J&J Innovation Center-Boston,

and is responsible for New Venture and Scouting opportunities in the areas

of Oncology and Immunology in the East Coast.

Dr. Neote is trained as a Molecular Biologist with an extensive background

in drug discovery. He has focused in the area of Immunology, Inflammation

and Oncology and has a passion for implementing cutting edge scientific

discoveries into practical drug discovery programs. Throughout his career,

he has looked at creative scientific and business development collaborative

and partnering opportunities that have resulted in tangible clinical

translation of new scientific discoveries working in conjunction with

academic and biotech companies.

Formerly, Dr. Neote was Research Advisor/Director in Global External R&D

at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, IN. Prior to Eli Lilly, he was a Discovery Scientist in

Pfizer Inc. in Groton, CT. Dr. Neote initiated the Chemokine Receptor Drug

Discovery platform that lead to several clinical candidates, and also

discovered novel chemokines. Earlier in his career, Dr. Neote cloned one of

the first chemokine receptors during his post-doctoral studies in


Dr. Neote earned his BSc. in Microbial and Cellular Biology at the University

of Calgary, Calgary, Canada, and a Ph.D. in Human and Molecule Genetics

at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, where he was a major

contributor in the understanding of the molecular basis of lysosomal

storage diseases, in particular Tay Sachs and Sandhoff’s disease.