Mariana Brea-Krüger

Principal and Founder, IMI Consulting GmbH

Mariana Brea-Krueger is the Principal and Founder of IMI Consulting GmbH.  She brings over 30 years of industry experience having run global, regional and country operations while working in six (6) languages.  She has experience in line, staff and consulting positions and has run global operations with staffing as high as 770 persons. These positions included responsibilities in Latin America, USA, Japan and Europe.  Mariana is a former McKinsey Consultant having specialized on strategic development.  She holds an MBA from Indiana University in Bloomington (Kelley School of Business). IMI Consulting is one of Europe’s leading Life Science Management Advisories with over 20-years track-record.  Because of IMI’s 150 Associate Partner network, it provides transaction and strategic support to the biotech, pharma, medtech and diagnostic segments on a worldwide basis. Among IMI’s achievements are: •Set-up, helped create and built a $2Billion in sales worldwide business in CNS.  This was the creation of a new indication. •Conducted the second and last genomic transaction out-of-Europe. •Helping save companies and technologies in distress (TEGENERO, trifunctional antibodies). •Negotiated a transaction that resulted in creation of a company that three years later received $550 million (ca) from AstraZeneca.