Prof. Ada Yonath

Director of Kimmelman Center for Biomolecular Structure, Weizmann Institute

Dr. Severin Schwan

CEO Roche Group

Sir Gregory Paul Winter

Master, Trinity College Cambridge

Bahija Jallal, PhD

Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca, Head of MedImmune

Robert-Jan Smits

Director-General of Research and Innovation, European Commission

Dr. Annalisa Jenkins

Chief Executive Officer of Dimension Therapeutics

Prof. Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge

Sir William Castell

Chairman, Wellcome Trust

Dr. Kristen Grüneberg

IP Partner, Oblon-Spivak

Dr. Menelas N. Pangalos

Executive Vice President, AstraZeneca

Dr. Andrin Oswald

Division Head, Novartis Vaccines

Dr. Farhad Riahi

Head of Healthcare Systems Group, Novartis

Melanie Carr

Head of the SME Office, European Medicines Agency (EMA)

Prof. Sir David King

UK Special Representative for Climate Change

Prof. Christopher Dobson

Master of St John’s College, Uni. of Cambridge

Dr. Lisa Melton

Senior News Editor, Nature Biotechnology

Dr Matthias Evers

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Dr. Michael Kock

Global Head of Intellectual Property, Syngenta Crop Protection AG

Kate Bingham

Managing Partner, SV Health Investors

Prof. Joerg Kistler

Founding Director of Institute of Biotechnology, Uni. of Auckland

Dr. Aubrey de Grey

CSO, SENS Research Foundation

Dr. Gunter Pauli

Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Neil Weir

Senior Vice President, UCB

Prof. Sharon Peacock

Deputy Director, Wellcome Trust Cambridge Centre for Global Health Research

Prof. Christopher R. Lowe

Professor at Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Uni. of Cambridge

Adina Mangubat

CEO and Co-founder, Spiral Genetics

Boris Azaïs

Director of Public Policy Europe & Canada, MSD

Mariana Brea-Krüger

Principal and Founder, IMI Consulting GmbH

Prof. Gerard Evan

Head of the Dept. of Biochem, Uni. of Cambridge

Prof. Mark Tester

Professor of Bioscience, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Titta Rosvall-Puplett

Appointed Executive Director, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises

Prof. Jason Chin

Head of Centre for Chemical & Synthetic Biology MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology/ Dept. of Chemistry, Uni. of Cambridge

Dr. Helen Lee

Director of Research at the Dept. of Haematology, Uni. of Cambridge

Prof. Howard Griffiths

Professor at Dept. of Plant Sciences, Uni. of Cambridge

Prof. Tom Welton

Head of the Dept. of Chemistry, Imperial College London

Ben Hirschler

Correspondent, Reuters News

Prof. Brigitte Nerlich

Professor of Science, Language and Society, Uni. of Nottingham

Prof. George Gaskell

Pro-director, London School of Economics and Political Science

Katherine Mathieson

Director of Programmes, British Science Association