During the three days of the GapSummit 2014, the future young bio-leaders had the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts with leaders of today in the life sciences as well as with all the other young leaders attending, projecting their vision into future scenarios. Thus, turning challengegrow andconnect into a reality.

GapSummit 2014 kicked off with an informal workshop on “The Challenger Spirit” on Sunday 30th March. The workshop is open to all Young Leaders of Tomorrow arriving on Sunday. The first two days of the GapSummit 2014 were centered around panel debates and keynote speeches with an emphasis on audience participation. The third day had a clear focus on the interaction between young bio-leaders themselves. The voices of tomorrow competition goal was  to get young bio-leaders together in small teams and to work on solutions for some of the most pressing challenges in biotechnology. The GapSummit 2014 program was dedicated to address 7 gaps in biotechnology:

  1. Research & Innovation Gap
  2. Funding Gap
  3. Regulatory Gap
  4. People Gap
  5. Future Health Gap
  6. Future Resources Gap
  7. Public Perception & Education Gap

Please find the full programme here: GapSummit 2014 Programme