Voices of Tomorrow Competition 2018


Voices of Tomorrow is a global bioinnovation competition with a twist.

20 teams of 4 to 6 Leaders of Tomorrow from across the globe were formed and each team developed an innovative idea to tackle one of the key challenges in the biotechnology ecosystem, corresponding to the key discussion points at GapSummit 2018:

  • Digital Healthcare and Precision Medicine

  • Drug Affordability

  • Funding

  • Road from Academia to Industry

  • R&D Productivity

  • Sustainability

Each team was assigned a mentor, and after 4 months of intense collaboration, every team submitted a business plan for judging.

Whilst the team members did not know each other prior to the competition, the judges (Miranda Weston-Smith and Professor Alan Barrell) were very impressed by the overall quality of the projects and the degree of innovation and professionalism achieved given the time constraint.


The top 8 teams at GapSummit2018 were:

Team name




Dyssey pharm - Improving patient accessibility to medication in developing countries using predictive analytics for drug inventory across a unified communication platform

Digital healthcare and personalized medicine


RemAb Bio: Reverse Engineering Infectious Disease Drug Discovery

R&D productivity


Tempeasy - affordable, nutritious, sustainable protein solution



Greeneyes: a novel drought resistant platform with farmers in mind


Biotech of Things

Gut Lab - Novel approach for sampling and analysis of the gut microbiota

Digital healthcare and personalized medicine


Chinosan - Processing of chitinaceous waste generated by the seafood industry



RADARC - Bridging healthcare innovation gap in emerging markets

R&D productivity


Backpack for health - Delivering drugs in remote area by doing smarter tourism

Drug affordability


On the final day of GapSummit 2018, the eight finalists pitched their proposals in front of all attendees and a panel of judges, including Melinda Richter from Johnson & Johnson JLABS, Dr Matthias Evers from McKinsey & Company, Dr Christoph Hüls from Merck and Dr Margaret Zeigler from Global Harvest Initiative.

After much debate, a joint first prize was awarded to:

Chinosan (Damian Boer, Lizzie Richardson, Lilian Gonzalez Auza, Sophie Obomighie, Willy Massack), with their sustainable solution to seafood waste; and TempEasy (Amadeus Driando Ahnan, Christopher Huang, Claire Richards, Manuel Besares, Bianca de Leon), a venture aiming to enhance the production of tempeh, a nutritious, sustainable alternative to meat.

Third place went to Sustineo (Jessica Joseph, Alex Meltzer, Nick Matthews), with their idea on drought-resistant potatoes.

The joint winners took away £2,500 each in seed funding to support their new venture.

We want to thank all the judges and mentors for supporting our Leaders of Tomorrow in this competition. Each year, the competition has gone from strength to strength in terms of the creative ideas generated and quality of the pitch at the finale. We can’t wait to see what next year will bring.


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