The Inaugural Boston GapSummit Concludes and Winners Announced for the Voices of Tomorrow Competition

Global Biotech Revolution (GBR) is proud to have concluded the inaugural GapSummit in Cambridge, MA with great success. Hosted at Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, 100 Leaders of Tomorrow from 41 countries converged and bringing with them a diverse array of backgrounds, skills and experiences. Over three days of the formal program, 53 speakers and panelists contributed to 8 gaps highlighted at this year’s GapSummit.

Cambridge, MA - June 21, 2019

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The topics discussed featured prominent challenges facing the biotech industry including the need to move beyond the current “sick care” model to “patient care”, the issues in translating research to the market, the decline in R&D productivity, and the coming revolution in the industry as data analytics and AI become increasingly intertwined with all aspects of biotech providing tremendous opportunities.

“Two years ago when we started planning GapSummit 2019, we focused the summit's mission to stimulate substantive discussions on pressing challenges facing the biotech field and for the next generation of biotech leaders to catalyze innovation to address these challenges. During the summit, the energy and degree of intellectual discourse that I observed between current biotech leaders and the next generation of leaders was truly remarkable and instilled a high sense of confidence in humanity's ability to solve pressing challenges.”

Mohamad Ali Najia, President, GapSummit 2019

The panels discussed many gaps and issues and encouraged our attending Leaders of Tomorrow to meet these challenges . However, an important takeaway from panellist Bill Sibold, EVP, Sanofi and Head of Sanofi Genzyme, for the Leaders of Tomorrow was the power and potential of biotechnology to do well by doing good, noting that "the biotech industry is the greatest industry in the world. There is no industry in which if we do our job well we can save and transform as many lives."


The Sustainable Healthcare Economics Panel - Brindan Suresh, Chris Leibman, Juan Enriquez, Sandra Fenwick, Patrick Baeuerie, Bill Sibold.


A highlight of the event aimed to drive the Leaders of Tomorrow to make a real impact through the Voices of Tomorrow Bio-Innovation Challenge. The young leaders had been working in small groups since February to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems facing biotechnology. Eight finalist teams were selected to pitch on the last day of the summit to their peers, industry leaders and expert judges. The winning team “NivoTech” aims to reimagine the blood-brain barrier from a problem to a platform, while first runner-up “ActionTherme” is looking to solve issues due to poor temperature control during vaccine transport and second runner-up “PatchWork Therapeutics” will develop a new generation of gene therapy vectors.

Whilst the Voices of Tomorrow competition encourages the young leaders to explore their entrepreneurial spirit, Bob McCarroll, VP of Open Innovation, Bayer, provided a career lesson for Leaders of Tomorrow regardless of whatever path they pursue. He commented that young people should “embrace a stance of continuous learning. Take risks, you get nothing without risk. And be prepared to fail, as every failure really is a learning opportunity.”

GapSummit 2019 closed on a high note focusing the Leaders of Tomorrow on Frontiers of Biotechnology, with today's future-looking luminaries Philip A Sharp, Nobel Laureate and Institute Professor, MIT, Madalena Skipper, Editor-In-Chief, Nature, Geoffrey von Maltzen, Partner, Flagship Pioneering, and David Altshuler, EVP and CSO, Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Looking forward to next year, GapSummit 2020 will be held from 30 March to 1 April, 2020, at The University of Cambridge, UK.

“The Leaders of Tomorrow at GapSummit 2019 have truly embodied our values by challenging today’s leaders and industry dogma, and have joined a growing global network of young leaders all working to solve the biggest gaps in biotech. We are excited to follow and support them in their careers as they make a lasting impact and bring positive change to the world.”

Anna Gould, President, Global Biotech Revolution



Scenes from the diversity lunch discussions

About GapSummit & GBR

GapSummit is the flagship event of Global Biotech Revolution (GBR), an international youth-led organization dedicated to connecting bio-leaders across generations, regions, and cultures. The annual event has formed a unique network of talented global young leaders that are engaged in creating a meaningful impact in tackling the current challenges & gaps in the bioeconomy.

For further details on GapSummit 2019 including a list of speakers can be found on the event website: gapsummit.com

GapSummit 2019 was made possible through the generous support of our Gold Sponsors Bayer and Biogen, our Knowledge Partner McKinsey & Company, our Bronze Sponsors Amgen, AstraZeneca MedImmune, Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Novartis and Pfizer, and Partners Editas Medicine and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Plans are well underway for GapSummit 2020 (Cambridge, UK), for more information please visit: https://globalbiotechrevolution.com/events/gapsummit-2020/

For further information, please contact Sebastian Liu, Marketing Manager, Global Biotech Revolution at sebastian.liu@globalbiotechrevolution.com



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