Sneak peak for GapSummit 2016 Sunday Pitch Workshops

This special blog post is sneak peak for the GapSummit 2016’s Pitch Workshop on Sunday 3rd April 2016.

Aiming to be “Pitch Perfect”

CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who have made the last leg – as finalists – of this wonderful GAP SUMMIT. You have done wonderfully well. And others who made the journey but didn’t quite get to the final stage – WELL DONE ALL.

It is not primarily about winning or losing – ALL have achieved a great deal. But there are a few who have been judged special enough to meet the judging panel in person. And they will have the opportunity and challenge to pitch their vision and their story to the expert panel – and we will see who will come through as judged to be exemplars.

Creativity, innovation, energy, drive, initiative they ALL have. What will make THE DIFFERENCE ! – in just a short few minutes – to be PITCH PERFECT and round off all the hard work by brilliantly clear articulation of how and why their particular ideas and how they will be implemented will change the world and fill the GAP which will make the difference for others.

Pitching is an art and to be PITCH PERFECT takes clear thoughts, a good structure and demonstrated passion. The judges will be looking and listening for  – VISION –  PURPOSE – PRODUCT / SERVICE – MARKET VALIDATION – PLANS – PEOPLE and some thoughts about MONEY ££££ – the need for it and the use of it. To be Pitch Perfect will take PRACTICE – a lot of it. Confidence will be acquired by pitch planning and pitch practice – clear language  and avoidance of jargon. Visual accompaniment to the spoken words will need to be pictorial and graphic.

Some of us will be doing all we can to help those pitching prepare to be PITCH PERFECT –  we coaches want EVERYONE to excel – and make the judges job as hard as possible to distinguish between ten great presentations. If we get it all well prepared and practiced – all present at those final pitching sessions will be in for a rare treat! I am sure no one will be disappointed!


written by

Professor Alan Barrell

Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning,
Judge Business School,
University of Cambridge

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