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McKinsey & Company has been an essential Partner at each of our GapSummits, and Dr Matthias Evers, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Hamburg, has been a keen supporter of GBR. Dr Evers was a keynote speaker for GapSummit 2017, where he spoke on the need for teamwork and leadership skills in a life science career.

Dr. Evers explaining the necessity of team-work and leadership traits in scientific fields

Read about the recurrent People Gap that Dr Evers has seen in the scientific field and why it needs to be overcome below:

Matthias Evers, a molecular biochemist and McKinsey senior partner, stands in front of 100 young people—promising “Leaders of Tomorrow,” who want to pursue careers in life sciences, medicine, and chemistry. He was the keynote speaker at GapSummit, an intergenerational biotech forum held earlier this month. Also represented were research institutions, bio think tanks, and pharmaceutical companies.

“Raise your hand if you are satisfied with how confident you feel in using your leadership skills in your work.” A few hands go up. Matthias repeats the directive, this time, asking those who are moderately satisfied to raise their hands. Again, a few hands go up. “Raise your hand if you are dissatisfied.” Ninety percent of the hands fly into the air.

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