GapSummit 2018 – A New Trajectory via Biotechnological Advances

With GapSummit2018 one month behind us, Cecilia Johansson, one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow and an industrial engineer based in Sweden with interests in business technology and corporate sustainability, wrote an inside perspective on what she took home from this year’s four-day event.

Cecilia identified the key challenges of biotechnology and outlined the key trends, including precision technology, plant science, molecular biology, and 3D printing. Cecilia believes that the future of biotechnology will have a cascading effect in both healthcare and agriculture, however with all developments there are also new risks, which need to be managed.

To read Cecilia Johansson’s full article, click here.

It was great to see that Cecilia has enjoyed GapSummit and we look forward to see what she and other Leaders of Tomorrow in our global community will do next to realise their positive impact in Biotechnology.

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