CV-Eye is looking for talent!

CV-Eye is a smart idea out to save and improve lives. It’s being developed by an ambitious group of our Leaders of Tomorrow, having been one of the winners of the Voices of Tomorrow competition.

They’re on the lookout for someone with the tech-savvy and drive to help them achieve their mission.

CV-Eye technologies aspires to help stroke patients around the world, protect them from disabilities and enable them to live without fear.

About CV-Eye:

We are an ambitious team of scientists and engineers who are brought together by the wish to tackle one of our society’s emerging health challenges. We have conceptualized a stroke detection system, based on EEG and smart glass technology, which can first advise a patient to go to the hospital once he or she begins showing stroke symptoms and, on repeated ignored warnings, will automatically call emergency services. Our product is called CV-Eye. CV-Eye will provide early stroke detection through constant monitoring of brain waves, eye movements, and speech patterns. It will be able to efficiently detect if a stroke has occurred, enabling the patient to have the fastest possible response.

With our product idea, we won the voices of tomorrow competition at the GapSummit 2016. Now we want to turn this promising idea into a real-world product.

We are in the exploratory phase of research and development for CV-Eye. We have refined our product idea, performed market analysis, and formulated a clear business plan. We have secured the support of two highly skilled advisors, Dr. Matthias Essenpreis (CTO Roche Diagnostics) and Prof. Alan Barrell (Entrepreneur in residence at the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge) and we have participated in multiple entrepreneurial competitions. However, we are currently lacking some of the technical skills to build a physical prototype of our product. Therefore, we are looking for a programmer or electrical engineer interested in the medical device space to join our team as CTO.

What CV-Eye want from you:

As our CTO, you will oversee the technical design of CV-Eye. You will negotiate with our industry partners and suppliers and monitor the continuous optimization of our product. Furthermore, you will attend and contribute to our biweekly team meetings. This is a part time position and the weekly time requirement will be between 5 and 7 working hours.

By joining CV-Eye technologies you will have the exciting opportunity to participate in the building of promising new startup company and help to tackle the emerging health care challenge posed by stroke related disabilities.


Contact information: If you are interested to join our team please contact Michelle Teplensky (mt619@cam.ac.uk) or Jonas Schmid (Jonas.schmid@imcr.uzh.ch ).


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