Catching Up with Team PharmAcademix


We caught up with our third place winner from the Voices of Tomorrow competition, Team PharmAcademix to share more about their idea to address the gaps in the biotech industry. Successful applicants to GapSummit 2018 are encouraged to follow in their lead and take part in the competition!


What was the Gap you set out to address and what solution are you pursuing?

Our allocated Gap was Research and Innovation, and as a team we decided to specifically focus on ‘negative data’. It is well-established that scientific studies generate negative results, which go unpublished and are not shared throughout the scientific community. Such practices lead to ‘Publication Bias’ and hinder research and innovation. Replication of negative studies wastes time and resources. Our idea was to create a platform, which manages and incentivizes sharing of negative data between researchers.


How did you all find the VoT Idea Challenge, and what were the biggest takeaways from the experience?

The Idea Challenge was an exciting opportunity to work in team of people from diverse professional backgrounds (academia, industrial scientists, entrepreneurs). Our team consisted of individuals from three different continents (Europe, Asia & North America) it was sometimes challenging to find suitable time-slots to fit in with our time-zones! However it was excellent opportunity to network with and discuss fresh ideas with bright minds from across the globe.


What are the next steps you’re taking to move your idea forward?

At present all of our team members are extremely busy in terms of studying and working in our current roles, which presents challenges in terms of resource to push our idea, which is still very much in its infancy, forward. Nevertheless, we are definitely open to feedback and interested to gain further advice from GBR into how we can leverage from the work we have put into generating our exciting idea/concept and explore different options.


Team PharmAcademix is made up of:

Robert Hanson


Dr Weijie Poh


John Goertz

Henson Lee Yu


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