Call for graduate students / PhDs / Postdocs to lead, plan and execute a global biotech leadership summit

The GapSummit is the world’s first international, inter-generational leadership summit addressing the gaps in the biotechnology sector. It is the flagship event of Global Biotech Revolution, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to inspire and support the next generation of leaders to ensure the sustainability and growth of the biotechnology and life sciences sector.

One hundred young leaders from around the world are selected to attend the GapSummit to meet, learn from, and challenge current leaders. They also develop and pitch their own solutions to the gaps in biotechnology, with the chance to win support in making their ideas a reality. 

In 2019, the first GapSummit in Boston was held at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT.

Speakers at GapSummits have included:

  • Dr Severin Schwan (CEO, Roche Group) 

  • Prof Sir Greg Winter (Nobel Laureate)

  • Dr Bahija Jallal (CEO, Immunocore and former President, MedImmune)

  • Dr Paul Stoffels (CSO, Johnson & Johnson)

  • Kate Bingham (Managing Partner, SV Life Sciences)

  • Dr Trevor Mundel (President of Global Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

  • Dr Magdalena Skipper (Editor-in-Chief, Nature)

More details about the GapSummit can be found at www.globalbiotechrevolution.com and www.gapsummit.com, and interviews and panel discussions from previous GapSummits can be found on our YouTube channel.

What we’re looking for

In June 2021, Global Biotech Revolution will be hosting the GapSummit once again in Cambridge, Massachusetts and needs the help of local students to join the leadership of the GapSummit organising team. 

What would be the responsibilities of someone interested in helping out?

We are looking for individuals to join the core 2021 GapSummit leadership team. This involves planning the strategy and operations of the event, as well as building the organizing team.

What sort of commitment would be required? 

Leadership of organizing this event is a ~20-month role, starting in late 2019. 

We are seeking individuals who are committed to leading all key activities throughout this period, whilst maintaining awareness of timelines.

Time commitment required will be dependent on timelines of event organisation and commitment is likely to increase in the lead up to the event. Communication with other team members and stakeholders will be a mixture of weekly Skype calls, emails and Slack, as well as face-to-face meetings when required. We are looking for individuals who stay motivated and keep channels of communication open. 

Benefits of getting involved?

Whilst the GapSummits are organized on a voluntary basis, the experience and personal development gained is invaluable. By joining the leadership team organising the 2021 GapSummit, you will build your network to include global leaders in the biotech/pharma industry and young leaders from around the world, as well as building your contacts in the biotech industry in Cambridge, MA and around the world. You will also boost your CV with solid leadership experience, and gain experience in areas as diverse as project management, marketing, website design, recruitment, logistics and team management. You will also get a very good insight into current and future global issues and trends in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Contact us

To apply, send an email to Carthur Wan (carthur.wan@globalbiotechrevolution.com) and Anna Gould (anna.gould@globalbiotechrevolution.com) indicating your interest and attach your CV. We will get back in touch regarding the interview process for joining the team. Applications close 15th November 2019.


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