GapSummit alumna to attend Bio Latin America conference in Brazil

GBR is sending a GapSummit alumna to the upcoming Bio Latin America conference. The conference will host a projected 700+ attendees from over 30 countries and 400 companies as the theme of this year’s Bio Latin America conference is “Innovation and Business Partnering as Drivers of Bioeconomy in Latin America.” The event is run by Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and Biominas Brasil. With a similar focus as GBR’s GapSummits, Bio Latin America aims to bring together biotech leaders from around the globe to discuss and explore the latest challenges and trends within the sphere of biotechnology.

This year, Rafaela Prado (GapSummit 2018) will be among those biotech leaders and will seek to continue with her Leaders of Tomorrow development. Rafaela is currently a R&D Scientist at BASF in Brazil after having worked for Bayer Crop Science as a Lab Analyst. “Biotechnology in Brazil is a pretty new subject, most of the people don’t understand its potential. So, it’s a great opportunity for me to understand the scenario where Brazil is at.” In addition to the content, the Bio Latin America conference is another opportunity to meet fellow biotech leaders and enthusiasts, much like her experience at the GapSummit. “Personally, I love international conferences because I get to connect with people around the world. I get to know their life stories and struggles. It’s a great opportunity for me to be participating and also for the opportunity to network.”

The Bio Latin America conference takes place September 3rd-4th in Sãu Paulo, Brazil.

GBR is a marketing partner of BIO and BioMinas Brasil.


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