Bio-ideate – An Asia-Pacific Biohack

What is a biohack?

In the past decade, a new group of science tinkerers and risk takers known as Do-It-Yourself scientists or biohackers have arrived on the scene! These biohackers want to understand how the biological processes/microbes/life manifests so that they can tinker and innovate. They want to apply the idea of hacking to cells and organisms!

Biohackers are an eclectic community, united in utopian goals of providing an alternative to big science, ridding itself from the red tapes, patents and the monopolies of academia and industrial labs. In true hacker spirit, they preach open data, build low-cost laboratory equipment and off-the-shelf protocols.

They want do things differently, to innovate, to create using the resources at hand. You could call it citizen or do-it-your-self biology.

Biohacking is the fusion of tech optimism and biological experimentation in a non-traditional research setting.

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Read more about biohacking at biotechin.asia.

What is Bio-ideate?

Biohacks are not very common in Asia-Pacific regions, despite it being a very popular concept in the West. Biotechin.Asia along with the Croeni Foundation is launching the very first Bio-ideate Asia-Pacific Biohackcompetition which encourages people across all age groups to submit an idea that they think has the potential to help cure, prevent and diagnose diseases in a cost-effective manner.

It is an open-source innovation competition with cash prizes worth S$5000 to be won. Please note, at least one of the team members has to be a resident of Asia-Pacific region.

In the qualifier round, participants need to submit an idea or a biohack (By April 15th, 23:59 SGT), in the form of a poster or an infographic, which will be put up on social media for online voting (1st-15th April) and also judged by a panel of experts.

There will be three winners who can either use that money to further their ideas or can use it in any way they deem fit. The Croeni Foundation would like to mentor the winners, if they wish too.

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