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How a GapSummit Alumnus Found the Right Fit

Welcome to our new Alumni Spotlight Series. These stories will seek to regularly update our community on the accomplishments of our very talented alumni network. We all have found varying degrees of success in our career paths thus far and we can learn from one another about what works, what doesn’t work, and how we can all continue to solve today’s Gaps in biotechnology. If you have someone in mind (including yourself) please contact… Read more

Tempeasy Wins Best New High Protein Food and Closing Pre-Seed Round

TempEasy Co-Founder & CEO Chris receiving the award with the Managing Director of Credit Agricole and the R&D Manager at Bonduelle  Foodtech startup TempEasy and our Voices of Tomorrow… Read more

Congratulations to Sir Greg Winter - Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2018

Frances H. Arnold, George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter, 2018 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry. Ilustration: Niklas Elmehed. © Nobel Media AB 2018  Congratulation to Sir Gregory Winter, our advisory board chair and speaker at past GapSummits, for jointly… Read more

Backyard Biology - How DIY Biotech is Sparking New Public Interest

Thermal cyclers, centrifuges, incubators, pipette tips and Eppendorf tubes - biological research has long been an expensive exercise under the exclusive purview of research institutions with vast budgets and swathes of graduate students. However, a growing social movement is trying to change this attitude, putting the biological sciences back in… Read more

Voices of Tomorrow Competition 2018

  Voices of Tomorrow is a global bioinnovation competition with a twist. 20 teams of 4 to 6 Leaders of Tomorrow from across the globe were formed and each team developed an innovative idea to tackle one of the key challenges in the biotechnology ecosystem, corresponding to the key discussion points at… Read more

GapSummit 2018 – A New Trajectory via Biotechnological Advances

With GapSummit2018 one month behind us, Cecilia Johansson, one of the 100 Leaders of Tomorrow and an industrial engineer based in Sweden with interests in business technology and corporate sustainability, wrote an inside perspective on what she took home from this year’s four-day event. Cecilia identified the key challenges of biotechnology and outlined the key trends, including precision technology, plant science, molecular… Read more

Meet the 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow (Part 2)

GapSummit 2018 is underway this week with 100 Leaders of Tomorrow converging at the University of Cambridge from over 40 countries. They will be inspired and challenged by world leaders from the biotech and pharmaceutical industry themed around 7 gaps including Digital Health, Sustainability, Drug Affordability and Funding. Today we would like to… Read more

Meet the 2018 Leaders of Tomorrow (Part 1)

GapSummit 2018 is now less than two months away, with this year’s attendees currently hard at work on their proposals for the Voices of Tomorrow competition. GapSummit never fails to bring to light many great ideas generated by the global community of young biotechnologists, and the passion and drive displayed by these young leaders should serve as a source of inspiration for new and established professionals alike. We would like to take… Read more

Catching Up with LoT 2016 - Andreas Laustsen

With less than three months to go to until the launch of GapSummit 2018 in historical Cambridge, UK, we wanted to catch up with our alumni on their journey after attending a previous GapSummit and share tips to this year's Leaders of Tomorrow. It is an immense pleasure to see our talented Leaders of Tomorrow follow their passion and pursue even greater career heights. Today, we had a chance to chat to Dr Andreas Laustsen, a serial… Read more

Academia to Industry - The First Step

The Road from Academia into Industry is a journey that many PhD students and early career researchers will ultimately take. We've put together some information on where students are looking to take their life science skills, and what employers are looking for. Many of our Leaders of Tomorrow are exploring an array of career paths, and have themselves noted the need for ways to streamline the pathways between academia and industry. We'll be… Read more