The global bio-economy is growing steadily as it develops new business models and technologies. However, it faces challenges in investment, government policy and research commercialisation that could make or break the future industry. Young bioleaders are isolated in regional clusters and often solely focus on self-career development, lacking the connection to global challenges and innovative thinking about their contribution.

Global Biotech Revolution’s (GBR) vision is to create a network of future and current bio-leaders who grow and support each other’s ideas and knowledge, and think innovatively on growing the global bio-economy through collaborative ventures.


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Global Biotech Revolution @GlobalBRev
Thanks for posting your experience at #GapSummit2018 Celeste! She was sponsored by Chiasma Auckland (student biotec…
Global Biotech Revolution @GlobalBRev
Very interesting - check out where the next up and coming #startup hub cities will be:
Global Biotech Revolution @GlobalBRev
A new ingestable biosensor using engineered bacteria to monitor gut health is being developed! #futurehealth
Global Biotech Revolution @GlobalBRev
What a Leader of Tomorrow Cecilia Johansson thought about #GapSummit2018 on our news section:


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